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March 29, 2010

Microsoft support for jQuery

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Good to see Microsoft throwing their support behind jQuery and committing resources to developing for it. Also interesting to see their proposal for including templating in the core of jQuery.

I currently use the excellent jTemplates plug-in for jQuery (even if the doco is a little hard to follow) and I’m a big fan of Client Side Templating as it minimises the amount of markup transmitted from server to client. Have a read of Encosia’s articles on the topic and I’m sure you’ll be converted too!

February 18, 2010

SharePoint user profiles

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I have a need to be able to enumerate through the SharePoint User Profile database to collect some stats and do some analysis. Here’s some handy articles I came across while researching it.

How To Properly Enumerate User Profiles using the SharePoint User Profile Web Service

Updating and Enumerating User Profiles in MOSS

MSDN – User Profile Web Service

SharePoint User Profiles

Enumerating Sharepoint User Profiles – Access Denied Exception

Hopefully someone else finds this list useful.

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