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February 28, 2010

An open letter to Continental

Filed under: rant — Craig Harvey @ 6:47 pm
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Dear Continental,pack_pasta_bacon_carbonara_85g

I’m a long-time-eater, first time ranter about your Pasta and Sauce product range. I am was a huge fan of your Creamy Bacon Carbonara pasta and sauce product. But you’ve gone and changed it, and you’ve changed it for the worse. Why oh why?!

The change to the pasta to ‘new twista’ pasta was wrong and you’ve somehow messed with the taste so it’s now very bland. And why do I have to buy a pack that is 50% larger? I don’t care if it’s ‘free’, if I don’t want to eat the additional 50% then it’s just a waste. More likely I’ll just eat it and get 50% larger myself.

I hope this was just a glitch in the matrix and we’ll resume normal programming soon – please bring back the original version and soon! And after that if you ever consider changing it again in the future please contact me first. I’ll set you straight – don’t change it!

Yours in food,

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