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February 14, 2010

Junkware: Underwater cell phone system

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Have you ever wanted to make a phone call while you were underwater? “Hell yes!” I hear you say. Well you’re in luck – for just $US1,799 you can purchase the Underwater Cell Phone System from SkyMall.

Scuba Phone

From the web site: With the Alpha UWCP, talk with someone 15,000 miles away while diving a tropical reef or in your pool!

Think of the implications:

  • Pretend you’re working while really swimming in your pool (or on holidays)
  • Interesting implications for phone sex – ‘sleeps with the fishes’ takes on a whole new meaning
  • Incidents of SCUBA rage increase as intolerant fellow divers get sick of only hearing one side of the conversation
  • Answer phone calls in the shower – see product reviews on the web site!
  • Order a pizza while underwater – try explaining that delivery address!

February 8, 2010

Junkware Alert: Hear loud and clear on the telephone

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So you’ve got a hearing problem and you’re too embarrassed to see a medical professional and get a proper hearing aid. Why not self-medicate and use a range of gadgets that help you hear more clearly?

Like this telephone earpiece amplifier:

From Magnamail.

Too bad if you want to actually hear at other times… perfect if you’re locked in some kind of room where your only contact with the outside world is via telephone though.

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